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The song "Eine Reise ins Ich" features the line "bin federgeboren" which both means "(I) am quill-born" and "feather-born" in German, stressing the importance of the writing process and my power animal, the eagle. In my poems I put feelings, thoughts, moods and ideas down and express what has to be said for the sake of my soul's well-being. I love plays on words and the sound of them as they all have a certain melody, rhythm, taste and color. I choose a free form of expression without preset rules regarding meter and rhyme scheme. Sometimes poetry is mixed with prose. My poetry is characterized by melancholy, nature imagery, romanticism, wistfulness, passion, pathos and occasionally features epigrams or social criticism, especially the lyrics of my other project named Grummelgnom. My goal is not to reach quality or follow the standards of literature's rules, but create a personal and free form of expression as the voice of my soul.

Time span:

I've written about 200 poems since 1998. The texts here are either song lyrics or mostly recent ones.


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