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March 26, 2023:
There are regular new posts on social media, including short demo extracts of new songs: Facebook Instagram

December 23, 2022:
For the sake of completeness, I have uploaded all old albums to Bandcamp, each with background information, the booklet, photos and guitar tabs:
I have also added this digital bonus to the download of the album "Nebelleben".

September 08, 2022:
After another long silence due to my personal burnout hell, there is finally some news again: I have added song streams to the sections "Downloads" and "Discography", and there are new photos in "Photography". In addition, the new homepage of my project Grummelgnom is online as well.

The path to the new album will be hard and rocky (I haven't been able to play the piano, keyboards and guitar for two years because of my hand and tendon sheaths and have slight tinnitus too), but when if not now? In 2023, the last album "Nebelleben" will be already 20 years old (which is unbelievable), and in 2024, Grummelgnom will be 20. When if not now?

"Aus meiner größten Dunkelheit quellt sternenklar mein hellstes Licht, und aus meiner größten Angst erhebt sich willensstark mein Mut."

It's now or never!

October 02, 2021:
I could not take the silence any longer. This is just a midi demo with vocals (so no real instruments but the default Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth)...and no mixing, mastering or whatever...just for the sake of a sign of life and trace becoming reality:

March 10, 2021:
Unfortunately, due to health problems I could not work on SeelenPuls for the last couple of months. Because of all that clicking and typing in my job I regularly have wrist, tendon sheath and elbow problems in my right arm. As a consequence I cannot play the guitar at all, can hardly play the piano and keyboard and computer work in general is painful. I will start physiotherapy in mid April. The current situation is really frustrating. What is a musician that can no longer make music? Hopefully, everything will be better soon!

April 10, 2020:
Reworked (mobile) design. New studio photo. Going to work on drums next!

March 31, 2020:
The new homepage is online now!


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