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Brief information:

Poetic nature-themed metal
Solo project from Wels, Upper Austria
Mastermind: Leander
Founded in: August 1998
Prior names: Tartosgardh (1999-2006) & Roses of Darkness (August 1998-1999)


My solo project SeelenPuls (German for "SoulPulse") is a very personal and creative-artistic form of expression which is essential for the well-being of my soul. Like in a diary I put feelings and thoughts down and transform different moods into lyrics and music in a creative process.

Themes range from melancholy, solitude and despair to hope, love, joy, spirituality, the beauty of moments and profound thoughts. Diverse nature moods and experiences in nature are of special importance.

Because of the personal and intimate diary-like form of expression I deliberately opt for a solo project as you write your diary yourself without the participation of others.

The logo:

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Due to the diary-like form of expression and the importance of the lyrics, the logo resembles handwriting and also features an inkpot. The line "Bin federgeboren, bin geborgen und nicht verloren" taken from the song "Eine Reise ins Ich" emphasizes the essential importance of writing as the creative process becomes breathing and life. "Bin federgeboren" both means "(I) am quill-born" and "feather-born" in German, a symbol of writing and of my power animal, the eagle.



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