August 1998: founded under the name of Roses of Darkness.

August 1999: renamed to Tartosgardh.

1998-2001: releases of two albums and a single.

August 2003: fifth anniversary. Release of the third album "Nebelleben".

2004: second project named Grummelgnom founded.

Winter 2004-April 2006: Tartosgardh not active due to my diploma thesis and final exams. Only few updates (poems, photos).

May 2006: successfully finished studies in April. Reactivation of Tartosgardh. Reworked homepage completely. Started working on the albums "Wanderer wogender Welten" and "Sehnsucht".

October 2006: Tartosgardh renamed to SeelenPuls.

2007-2008: working on upcoming albums slowly just to scrap everything in the end.

August 2008: 10th anniversary of the project.

November 2008: the new homepage goes live.

December 2016: released a new Grummelgnom song after 7 years of silence regarding my second project.

2017-2019: big revision of lyrics and songs, new logo, new songs, learning new instruments, reworking virtual instruments.

March 2020: after years of inactivity the new homepage is back! I'm working on the upcoming album regularly.



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